Apple Cider Vinegar – Produce Wash

Spring is one of my favorite seasons because it brings so much new promise for growth (especially in my garden), and the sunshine peeking through the rain showers brings hope of summer days. All that, and the fact that it’s the start of berry season… perfect! I over heard someone say “eating a strawberry is like tasting summer in your mouth”

“eating a strawberry is like tasting
summer in your mouth”

I don’t think truer words have ever been spoken! I love strawberries, and my kids will eat them by the carton. That’s why its important to make sure you do these things when picking out your strawberries:

Go Organic

Buying organic is best for a lot of reasons, but I totally understand that its not always economical for everyone to buy 100% organic. But did you know that non-organic strawberries are sprayed with over 20 different toxic pesticides, more so than any other fruit or vegetable?! These harmful toxins make their way into our cells and are difficult for our body to detox. They can cause infertility issues, hormone imbalances, immune and nervous system disorders, and cause cancer! …. Just to name a few, like cancer isn’t reason enough to avoid domestic strawberries.

One way to save money on organic produce is to eat seasonally. Organic berries are affordable when they are in season, as with most fruits and vegetables. Sourcing them at a local farmers market is even better!

Don’t Forget to Wash

Giving a good hearty rinse with water use to be my status quo. But then I found out that most pesticides are resistant to a water rinse. So first I switched to organic, and then I learned how affective apple cider vinegar was on washing produce and I’ve never looked back. That’s right, another magical use for apple cider vinegar.

A simple 10:1 ratio of water to apple cider vinegar is the perfect mixture for washing any produce. Its simple, quick, and highly effective. Not only do you have super clean fruits and veggies, but they will also stay fresher longer because you’ve power washed any microscopic mold spores off. I can count on my strawberries lasting an extra 5-7 days compare to water washed berries.

Apple Cider Vinegar Wash:

  1. Fill bowl with berries, or produce needing washed
  2. Fill with 10 parts water, and 1 part water
  3. Soak for 10 minutes
  4. Strain and rinse thoroughly

One common question I’ve had about using vinegar is if you can taste it on the berries. The answer is no! If you do, just rinse one more time.
Now, enjoy that taste of summer!

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