The Need-to-Know about Autoimmune Disease

As someone who loves color, pretty info-graphics always catch my eye. But when I came across this one from, I had to share it with all of you. Having an autoimmune disease often feels isolating, invisible, and impossible to adequately describe to others, so finding out that 23.5 million Americans are diagnosed makes me wonder why? Why is it so hard to share, and so difficult for others to understand? Read up and see if you can learn anything new about autoimmune disease!

… Did you catch that part about waiting 3.5 years and seeing 5 doctors to finally get a diagnosis? 

What if I told you I was prescribed anti-depressants and was asked by my doctor to try those first before she would even draw blood to test my thyroid?! The struggle is real, my friends. I did try the meds for a couple months, and then went back for more help…. it was another 18 months, and 3 doctors before I was finally diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis. Then, my endocrinologists told me it “was just a fancy way to say hypothyroid“. It was another 2.5 years when my health and symptoms continued to worsen with his prescription, that I learned it was actually an autoimmune disease, and that there was another (better) way to live. 

Are you one of the 23.5 million diagnosed, and not living the vibrant life you want to live? Let’s talk, and see if nutritional therapy is right for you. 

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