10 Day Self-Love Challenge

I love showing love to other people. Acts of service is my love language, I’m a Helper (2) on the enneagram scale, a Sagittarius, and an INFP. Anyone else test the same way?!

As much as I am fulfilled by serving those around me (and believe me, I love loving my friends and family), I’ll be the first to admit that I get burned out. I didn’t realize how much so until after I was diagnosed with Hashimotos, and energy became a hot commodity. Then add two kids in the mix, and the demands get higher, and opportunities for boosting energy stores get lower.

As much as “self-care” is becoming more of a buzz word, the truth behind it is still just as powerful. Because let’s be honest with ourselves, we can’t do all the things. And we definitely can’t even do most of the things if we don’t take care of ourselves first. I like to talk to my clients about the oxygen masks. You know, the ones on the airplane? The flight attendants say you must put it on yourself BEFORE you put one on your children. Imagine that for a moment. Taking care of yourself FIRST, so that you are physically able to take care of those around you.

That is what self care, or self love, is all about. So, in a month that is all about showing and giving love to others, I’d like to encourage you to show yourself this same love. I challenge you to the 10-day Self Care Challenge where we will work together to consciously show ourselves love, for ten days in a row! Imagine what 10 days straight of self care can do for our health… our energy… our sanity… and our adrenal glands!

Who’s in?! It starts tomorrow, and I’ll be posting on instagram each day with each of the challenges, how I’m instituting them, and ideas for you, too! Follow me there, and we’ll do this together.

In Love,


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