A New Name with the Same Passion

If the new logo didn’t give it away, I have some exciting news!

A few months ago, I was notified that I had to change my business name due to trademarking laws. This was very upsetting to find out, as the name Revive and Nourish connects to my personal story of reviving my own health with nourishing foods and lifestyle changes. 

There were many routes I could have pursued, including fighting the suit, or just minorly adjusting the words to carry forward as is. However, I really felt called to take this opportunity to more accurately identify my passion and purpose for nutritional therapy. 

When I first created Revive and Nourish, I was coming from a place of personal growth and healing. In fact, I created the blog prior to starting my Nutritional Therapy business. 

Now that I am two years into practicing, my passion has grown, and become even more clear as I move forward in my education and serving the autoimmune community. I started on this path because I have an autoimmune disease, and every choice I have made since has been to further my knowledge and resources for supporting others who also live with autoimmune disorders. 

Since becoming an NTP, I’ve received my certification as an Autoimmune Paleo Coach. I’m also currently earning another certification as a Restorative Wellness Solutions practitioner. This new certification will allow me to run specific lab tests that can help my clients discover the root cause of their symptoms, and often times their disease. 

Stemming from my own experience of navigating autoimmune disease, I realized the services I needed in my own community were severely lacking. Living with chronic illnesses can be very isolating, and finding a support system that truly understands your experience is crucial for living well with these diseases. That was my driving force behind the Facebook group page I started for people living with Autoimmune Disease in my community. 

I share this with you because it is also key in identifying the root of my passion, and thus creating a new identity for my practice and services. At the root of everything I do, I do it to support others living with autoimmune disease. 

  • By providing nutritional support, resources and the tools needed to take control of their disease,  my clients are able to get back to living their lives and reengaging with their friends and family. 
  • I create community advocacy, and provide social connections to break down the isolating barriers that come with living with autoimmune disease. 
  • I connect my clients and community members with highly qualified doctors and practitioners so they can build their wellness and health care team with people that will truly hear and understand them. The main goal is to find a team that can  address the root cause of the disease and create a plan to begin the healing process. As a nutritional therapist, I strive to be a collaborative member of your team!  

After getting down to the nitty gritty about why I am here, and my passion for serving my community in this way, I discovered my new name. 

Autoimmune Kitsap will be your new go-to resource for nutritional therapy in Kitsap County. All my services remain the same. I will continue to support my clients with a variety of services, including nutritional workshops, 1:1 coaching sessions, autoimmune support, GI health, select lab testing, supplement protocols, and outreach support. While I’m focusing on bringing awareness to my local community, virtual sessions will still be available for clients out of the area. 

Thank you for your patience while I slowly transition between names and put all of my love into the new Autoimmune Kitsap. You’ll soon see name changes on all social media platforms and marketing materials, with the intention of being fully transitioned by the end of the year. 

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